Premier's consulting services

Loss Prevention Services

Many companies have found that by allowing Premier Consulting Services to operate as their personal Loss Prevention Consultant, the total time commitment of key management personnel is greatly reduced while the effectiveness of the loss control program is dramatically increased. We understand that culture change doesn’t happen overnight – or even in a couple of months. Our philosophy is simple. We must impact the decisions and behaviors at the point of job function. Our ‘third party’ involvement enhances the objectivity and impact of your company’s loss prevention program.

Compliance Surveys

An associate from Premier Consulting Services will visit the headquarters location and any of the active job sites the client selects. The associate will conduct interviews with key Premier Consulting Servicespersonnel and complete a full audit of the client’s loss control/safety operations. A report detailing the results of the audit and survey will be presented. The report will help identify any existing gaps and assist in developing a strategy to close those gaps. Video tape and digital photographs are used to document job site conditions. The report will contain suggestions for improvements in the loss control program.

Safety Accountability

This program helps companies develop a system to establish accountability for safety throughout the organization. This program involves top, middle and line management. Regardless of your operations and organization, accountability is what makes your safety system work. Holding people accountable — top to bottom — eliminates accidents and injuries more than any other single approach.

This program helps you define proven safety activities for everyone, provide training for each of the identified safety activities, measure performance and reward and recognize people for their safety performance. Those are the lessons to ensure that safety will no longer rely on chance. Accident prevention responsibilities at all levels of the organization help employees understand what is expected. And by giving employees more control of their safety efforts and successes, you’re creating an environment where safety culture is a frame of mind: the way it is around here.

There are consequences to poor leadership and unaccountable management. This program spells out why companies need to shift their focus from what they don’t want to happen to the behaviors they do want.


Premier utilizes the experience and knowledge of our associates as well as the years of experience of your line employees and line management to assist you in developing a Job Hazard Analysis that can be integrated as a training tool for current or new employees. During this process Supervisors/Team Leaders trained in how to develop and apply a job hazard analysis. Supervisors are motivated to want to teach using the written job hazard analysis as a lesson plan. This method of development and the accompanying instruction enhances the understanding of the proper procedures to follow and the expectation of rigid adherence to the procedure.

Written Programs

Premier can assist you in developing written safety programs that meet the specific needs of your company. These are not “canned” programs but programs that are developed around your business and involve input from the people who will be using them every day. Our goal is to help you develop and implement a program that meets four basic criteria:

  • Provides the best opportunity for worker safety

  • Compliant with applicable regulations

  • User-friendly

  • Enforceable